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About Georgie Porgie Magic

Do you like magic shows? Are you looking for the best magicians in New York City? Then you're in for a treat. Our magicians give the best magic shows in Manhattan and Brooklyn. They will perform at your party, Bar Mitzvah, anniversary or even at your school. New York City is a city like no other, and here you will find the best magic shows, only with Georgie Porgie magic.

Georgie Porgie has been in business for over 25 years and has performed not hundreds but thousands of events for children and adults alike. No audience is too small, we have done shows for a gathering of 10 and groups as large as 400.

We specialize in birthday parties, Bar-Bat Mitzvahs, Communion, Confirmation, Corporate Holidays. Georgie Porgie is the one you must have at any event that will leave a great impression on your guests and leave them talking for days.

Best Magicians in Manhattan and Brooklyn

If you like magic shows given by the best magicians in New York City, then we are your best option. If there are kids at your Bar Mitzvah or your party, we will take care of keeping them entertained and amazed. Here at Georgie Porgie Magic, we make sure our audience in Manhattan and Brooklyn enjoy every single magic show we perform.

Give a magical Touch to Your Party, Bar Mitzvah, Anniversary or Any Event

The kids love parties, and what better way to make them have a wonderful time than hiring our outstanding magicians to perform an amazing show for your party, event or Bar Mitzvah in New York City.

Whether you're throwing a party or having a Bar Mitzvah, our magicians are sure to offer a wonderful time. New York City provides many entertainment services, but no one in Manhattan or Brooklyn will give shows with magicians like we provide. We will provide your children´s party, Bar Mitzvah, communion, corporate holidays, an anniversary or day camp with a magical touch.

Getting bored at a party in New York City will not be an issue for you anymore, as our magicians will awe you with all the amazing tricks they have up their sleeves. If you currently live in Brooklyn or Manhattan, make sure you give us a call to book a show for your party or Bar Mitzvah given by our best magicians.

Even if you´re not throwing a party or Bar Mitzvah, give us a call. We will go to any event you have in Manhattan or Brooklyn, to assure you have the time of your life.

Why Georgie Porgie Magic?

As you may know, there are many magicians in Brooklyn and Manhattan, but Georgie Porgie Magic offers top quality shows, with the best performances and at the best price. Our client is our main priority, and your happiness is our happiness. Whether you need our magicians to cheer your party or a Bar Mitzvah, we will make sure our magicians give the best shows in Manhattan, Brooklyn and New York City. Amazement is guaranteed with our shows and chances are you´ll be back for more. No one in New York City has our experience and trajectory with magic at parties and Bar Mitzvahs. George Porgie is so confident to say that he is a show stopper, and that he will be your secret weapon to make your event memorable.

How to Book a Show in Brooklyn or Manhattan

If you want one of our magicians to perform at your event in New York City, just give us a call and we will set a date for your show. Alternatively, you can send us an email to get further information on our shows and prices. If you have a big party or Bar Mitzvah, let us know and we will set the best price for you.

Enjoy our Magic in Brooklyn and Manhattan

Contact George Porgie Magic today! Give us a call and buckle up for an amazing experience. If you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn, New York City, get ready to party with our performances and have the time of your life with us. Satisfaction is guaranteed, no matter your age.


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